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Breackfast fresh to your order. Served with two eggs, mexican rice, refried beans and warm tortillas.

Desayunos Tipicos


Eggs any style tortilla chips red sauce, jack cheeseĀ  and sour cream.

Huevos Ala Mexicana

Scramble eggs with fresh onions, tomato, jalapeno pepper.

Huevos Con Choriso

Scrambled eggs with choriso and onions.

Huevos Rancheros

Eggs, over easy on two corn tortillas topped with ranchera sauce. guacamole.

Machaca Con Huevo

Scrambled eggs with shredded beef and fresh salsa.

Mexican Scramble

Scrambled eggs, mixed with fresh potatoes, chile pacilla and jack cheese.

Steak and Eggs

Two eggs any style home potatoes & toast.